Call Us for Event Planning Services Philadelphia PA

Call Us for Event Planning Services Philadelphia PA

Concert production and event planning is more work than any one person wants to do. It requires a team of dedicated individuals, and event planning services Philadelphia PA is the right place to go when you need the experience and contacts to put on an event or concert to remember. Our backgrounds and expertise empower us to create a positive, memorable experience for you and your fans or guests.

When you work with us, we’ll break down the Artist Technical Rider. This lays out a number of elements of our agreement, such as the artist billing, how long the performance is, load in and load out, security, free tickets and passes, transportation, merchandising, and even catering. We handle the sound and lights as well as the set-up of dressing rooms and back line.

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You can look to us to handle all communication with venues and the designated production person and manager for each artist. The production manager is in charge of coordinating the artist’s schedule. This involves everything from leaving to arrival. We also handle interviews and in-store appearances, and airport, venue, and hotel pick-ups. The production schedule that involves door and show times as well as sound checks are also elements of the event that we execute.

Another area we oversee is creating an event P&L breakdown and handling the pre-venue settlement. We find stage managers, assistant production manager, a lighting director, and a hospitality coordinator, among other staff members to help your event go off without a hitch. Stage techs, a sound engineer, an event manager, and a security director are some of the other personnel that we provide.

We will help you find the perfect venue. The project coordinator on our team has a massive venue database and a number of clients to help you find the right choice for your event or concert. We also schedule and arrange the theme and design for the event, food, hosts, and all logistics. Negotiation of the cost of the venue before you pay, a walk-though, and final payment, if applicable, are also on our list of services.

Our work is guided by a critical path document, so you can be sure that for event planning services Philadelphia PA, we are going to make sure your event is stunning from every angle. Call us when you’re ready to set up a time to discuss your particular needs so that we can help you create and produce the best event possible.