Would you pass a food safety test?

Would you pass a food safety test?

Ignorance in the food industry is not just undesirable or lamentable; it’s a danger to every person from co-workers to management to consumers. Moreover, it is wholly preventable.

When a professional establishment proffers their array of delectable products, whether that’s in a takeaway, restaurant, pub or roadside van, the customer, not unreasonably, expects that the food preparation and cooking will ensure their safety; that allergens will be clearly marked and that there will be no risk of food poisoning.

However, the information produced by the Food Standards Agency for incidents and product recalls indicates that far from every food industry worker being knowledgeable;they must receive food safety training when hired, they’re not as educated as they should be or managed effectively to ensure legislation meeting practices are adhered to.

If you own or manage a food outlet are you confident that if you carried out a food safety test immediately, no warning to your team, that your employees, premises and practices would ensure a top rating? Think like a FSA and local authority food safety test specialist and you may uncover some unwelcome risks and results.

This allows you to rectify food safety standards issues so please do so without delay. Invest a little time and money on specialist food safety training courses through experts including Food Alert and contact a food safety consultant who can assist you in risk assessment and control measure implementations. If you don’t already have an HACCP based food safety management system in place, you need to adopt one.

HACCP is a preventative food safety management tool which conforms to UK and EU food safety standards. Many businesses, especially in mainland Europe, won’t trade with a firm that doesn’t prove its compliance to HACCP.

Removing ignorance and excuses prior to a food safety incident and before an official audit delivers peace of mind. You know that every consumer and your staff are safely conducting business and savouring the positive results.

When you’re being sued by several diners for salmonella or norovirus is too late to realise the worth of food safety consultants, training and tests. Act now. Ignorance is not bliss.

There’s a plethora of food safety standards compliant training courses available including:

  • CIEH Food Safety Awareness.
  • Food Safety Induction Training.
  • CIEH level 1 Food Safety training.
  • CIEH level 2 Food Safety training.
  • CIEH level 3 Food Safety training.
  • RSPH level 4 Managing Food Safety.
  • CIEH level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing.
  • CIEH level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Manufacturing.
  • CIEH level 4 Managing Food Safety in Manufacturing.
  • Level 2 Award in Principles of HACCP.
  • Level 3 Award in HACCP in Catering.
  • Personalising HACCP plans.

Training companies including Food Alert also offer online management software for every day assessment and monitoring. Theirs is called FACT.

Ensure that your establishment is operating at the optimum food safety standards, seek training today.  The ramifications of a food hygiene incident cost more than education and updating knowledge every few years.

Food Alert are a specialist food safety and food hygiene training company, based in London, UK. Their services are aimed at restaurant owners and operators, including local authority and school canteen providers. They offer online (e-learning) food safety training courses. Food Alert, 247 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW5. Tel: 020 7244 1900